About Therapy  

I believe that therapy is a process devoted to growth and change that can help you understand yourself, identify and overcome obstacles, and achieve a better, more hopeful life. Therapy has the potential to help you improve your relationships, improve your mood, and work toward living a happier, more fulfilling life.  Research has shown that the most important component to the success of any therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and the therapist.  I view therapy as a collaborative process. Together we will set goals and objectives. I will try to create a safe space where you can feel listened to and supported and we can work together on those goals. Your engagement in your own therapy will be critical to it being successful.  I want to help you feel stronger, improve your relationships, form healthy connections with your family and loved ones, and learn ways for you to cope better with life's challenges - but most importantly I want to help you figure out what it is you want to learn and achieve through the therapeutic process.  

Play Therapy

Children often show their unhappiness or stress through their behavior.  Caring parents will notice this behavior and wonder what is behind this.  Because children are often unable to understand or express how they are feeling with words, they show their distress with their actions.  Younger children may act out at school or have trouble making friends. Older children may begin to have trouble with grades or withdraw from family and friends.  Children often learn and communicate through play - it is a natural "language" for them. Play therapy is a way for children to show us how they feel and to heal through creative, non-verbal, self-expression.  I frequently use non-directive play therapy, often with art activities, to open up as many ways as possible for children to express themselves and process their experiences.